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Our History

Advantage Finance was founded in 1999 (a subsidiary of the long-established S&U Group of Companies.) Our founding principle was an understanding that success could only be achieved through outstanding service and listening to the needs of our customers. Our business has always been about people and believing in our valued customers, and is built on TRUST

Teamwork – we work closely together to provide the best possible service.

Respect – we treat each other with total respect, and we treat our customers with equal respect.

Understanding – we take time to understand each other and our customers can expect that from us too.

Supportive – we support each other, and we provide the best support to our customers.

Truthful – we tell each other the truth, we are truthful with our customer, we hope our customers are truthful with us.

We TRUST each other to do the right thing for our customer, each and every time.

Today Advantage Finance is one of the UK's leading providers of specialist motor finance. And we’ve been a steady ship from day one, giving our customers and partners the reassurance that we will always be there, whatever the weather.

From our HQ in Grimsby, we’re proud to employ around 220 people who have been putting conversation before credit scores since 1999, helping all sorts of people get moving by listening to their stories and understanding their lives.