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Advantage Finance are consciously engaged in offering the highest standards of customer service while making climate motivated decisions, to ensure that we are being as sustainable as we possibly can in the process.

Here at Advantage Finance, we believe in people. In order to support that statement, we ensure that we are doing our upmost best to create a sustainable environment for the current and future generations in and around our community.

We are making a conscious effort to ensure that our energy is being used efficiently, for example through the use of solar powered electricity and Led lighting where we can, and a number of our staff are driving both hybrid and fully electric vehicles. We also recycle any used paper and waste accordingly, and are making appropriate movements towards a more digital approach where applicable.

Our approach to ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) as a set of standards measuring our business’s impact, is a key component in the decisions pertaining to the day-to-day operations within the company.

Advantage Finance are serious about our commitment to environmental change!

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