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  • Are You Still open for Business?
  • We are still open for business and we are continuing to provide support for all our customers. All Departments are operating normally although our response times may be slightly longer due to increased customer demand and that some of our colleagues are working from home.

    Please contact us using the correct options available on our main telephone number 01472 233200. For all COVID-19 related enquiries please select option 2 then option 1 when prompted.

    Please note our telephone lines are open from 8am to 6pm Mon to Fri and from 9am to 12pm on Saturday.

  • How Can I Make a Payment?
  • If you need to make a payment, you can do so over the telephone or online

    Online: visit to make a payment online by clicking 'Pay Online'

    Telephone: speak to our staff on 01472 233200 Option 2 then Option 1.

    If you have received a link to pay by card, this can be used in the normal way.

    Alternatively, you can make a payment by bank transfer by using the following bank details:

    Bank: HSBC

    Sort Code: 40-05-30

    Account Number: 74576357

    Reference Number: Please quote your agreement number AXXXXX

  • I need to obtain a settlement figure, advise you of changes or make a general enquiry about my account; how do I do this?
  • To obtain a settlement figure or to inform us of any changes (e.g. change of address) please send speak to an advisor by calling 01472 233200 Option 2 then Option 3. Alternatively, you can send an email to

    Always remember to include your agreement number.

  • I am struggling to meet my next payment, want to change my payment date, or need to discuss my account; what can I do?
  • Our staff are ready to help you with any problems you may be experiencing with your payments and will be able to make a suitable arrangement with you. Please call our staff on 01472 233200 Option 2 then Option 1 in order to speak to an advisor.

  • Will my credit file be affected if I fall into arrears due to COVID-19?
  • If you have had a Payment Freeze in place with us, we will continue to report to the Credit Reference Agencies (CRAs) the status of your account as it was prior to entering the Payment Freeze. This means that if your account was up to date, then it will continue to be shown as up to date during the Payment Freeze period. If you haven't arranged for a formal Payment Freeze with us then any missed payments will be reported to the CRAs as normal.

    Following the end of your Payment Freeze period, normal reporting will continue. Providing you recommence your payments, the status of your account will remain unchanged however if you miss future payments then it will be reported as arrears, as it would under normal circumstances.

  • I have been on a payment holiday and have received an arrears notice. Why is this?
  • Entering into a payment freeze arrangement means that we will not expect you to make any payments that fall due within the duration of the arrangement until after the end of the agreement term, and in the meantime we will not regard you as being in arrears because of this. We need to make you aware that we are required by law to send you a Statutory Arrears Notice at any point where your agreement becomes two payments overdue, and then again at six-monthly intervals until the account is brought up to date.

    Unfortunately, the concessions that we have agreed under the payment freeze arrangement do not change our legal obligation to send these notices. You should therefore be aware of the likelihood of receiving such notices, and to ask you to understand that any sum listed as overdue will include any due payments that have been postponed under the payment freeze arrangement. We would therefore ask you to interpret the notice accordingly and, if there are no other arrears other than the frozen payment, to ignore the notice. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience or confusion that these notices may cause, but ask you to understand that we are bound by legislation in this respect. You can also be assured that your credit file will not be negatively affected by having entered into a payment freeze arrangement or by sending a statutory arrears notice in respect of frozen payments.

  • Is it still possible to arrange further finance for a new car?
  • We are still providing services to new and existing customers who wish to purchase a vehicle. Applications can be made directly through our website and any questions can be answered by calling our staff on 01472 233200 Option 1 in order to speak to an advisor.