What We Offer

We provide a straightforward, easy to understand, Hire Purchase product that allows you to finance the purchase of new and used motor cars, vans, motorcycles or caravans from any licensed dealer of your choice throughout the UK.

Our aim is to provide credit on a responsible and affordable basis, following a fair assessment of your financial circumstances. Even if you have been turned down elsewhere, our flexible approach means that we can often provide credit where others lenders won’t.

The application process is straightforward. In most cases we can provide an in-principle decision within a few seconds, even before you have chosen your vehicle. Although we use information from credit reference agencies as part of our decision making process, making an application will not affect your credit history because a record of our search will only be recorded if you do actually take out a Hire Purchase Agreement from us.

How It Works

The type of finance that we offer is called Hire Purchase (HP) which is a long established and popular form of credit that is ideally suited for financing large purchases such as motor vehicles. The rate of interest is fixed throughout the term and it doesn’t come with any mileage limits or large end of term payments, which means that it is simple, straightforward and easy to understand.

We provide Hire Purchase Agreements up to £15,000 and you can choose a repayment term to suit your individual repayment budget, up to a maximum of 60 months. During the lifetime of the Hire Purchase Agreement the ownership of the vehicle remains with us, however once the agreement has been repaid in full then the ownership transfers to you. You must not sell the vehicle until then, although we can usually help in cases where you might wish to move to another vehicle earlier.

Once you have chosen a vehicle and negotiated a price with a dealer, we will make all the necessary arrangements and will pay them directly. Our simple and efficient paperless process means that we can get everything completed without any delay.

Once your agreement has been set up, you then make fixed, convenient monthly repayments to us by direct debit and our friendly highly trained staff are on-hand throughout your agreement to help with any problems or queries.

Our History

Advantage Finance was founded in 1999 as a subsidiary of the long established S&U Group of Companies.

Amongst our founding principles was the understanding that success could only be achieved through outstanding service and actually listening to the needs of our business introducers and customers.

In order to fully meet these needs, we set about building our own account management systems, using our own in house developers. This key decision has resulted in an industry leading system that has won the praise and attention of dedicated software houses and given Advantage a real technological edge in an extremely competitive market.

Advantage has grown to become one of the UK's leading providers of specialist motor finance products. From our offices in Grimsby, where we employ approximately 160 people, we provide our products to hundreds of motor dealers throughout the UK.

Successful from the start, Advantage Finance recorded pre-tax profits of £33.6m for the year ending 31/1/2019, and is looking forward to continued and sustained growth and success.

Our Parent Company - S&U plc

S&U plc was founded in 1938 and floated on the London Stock Exchange in 1961 and in 2018-2019 produced £34.6m in pre tax profit. As well as providing strong and stable support for the further growth of Advantage, S&U plc has traditionally been a major provider of home collected credit products to customers throughout the UK.

During 2015, S&U plc agreed to the sale of its home collected credit division for a total consideration of £82.5m.

In 2017 S&U plc successfully launched Aspen Bridging, a property bridging finance business.

S&U plc is based in Solihull in the West Midlands.

Website: www.suplc.co.uk